We now know where we are going, following the Government’s 4 step road map and Bowls England ‘Return to Play’ guidelines.

At present we can only play bowls at events organised and run by the club, without any open events.

We will, at the first opportunity, run open days for members of the general public to ‘have a go’ at bowling.

We welcome both experienced and novice bowlers to join our club, they can ‘have a go’ if they telephone and book an appointment.

Should members wish to bowl outside club events they must book a rink with Barrie as last year. These booking will make sure that the bowling will take place under the guidelines set out.

The rink diary is now open for bookings, for use after opening day 17th April.

As from Monday 12th April, stage 2 of the Government’s road map, members will be able to access the pavilion under the following conditions.

A maximum of 12 people in the pavilion at any one time. Only 2 people in a locker room at any one time, this to access equipment from their locker, not to stay and change!  Or to get a coffee/tea, if on sale.  (As in a shop enter get what you want and leave.)

This, however, will not be the same for ‘THE BAR’ drinks can only be ordered and served OUTSIDE.

This will also allow access to ‘sign up sheets’ and ‘selected team sheets’ on the noticeboards

When in the pavilion FACE COVERINGS MUST BE WORN

THE VIRUS IS STILL ABOUT, it is important to remember social distancing and to sanitize any common bowling equipment that has been used before returning it to store.

Having said all that lets get on and enjoy our bowling and the company.

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