Saturday 10th, 10-30am. start

LADIES’ H’CAP: Linda Wallis Vs. Jan Cherry

Rink 2, Marker: Tony Bell

VETERAN’S SINGLES: Brian Beeston Vs. John French

Rink 3, Marker: Roger Senior


Saturday 10th, 2pm. start

CHOSEN MIXED PAIRS: Paul & Carole Knapman Vs. Mike & Uta Keats

Rink 5

AUSTRALIAN PAIRS: Judy Smooker/Phil Cockman Vs. Tony Bell/Tony Perkins

Rink 3

LADIES 2 WOOD: Sue King  Vs. Jan Cherry

Rink 4, Marker: Brian Beeston


Sunday 11th, 10-30am. start

MEN’S H’CAP: Phil Cockman Vs. Terry Buck

Rink 5, Marker: Jim Andrews

LADIES PAIRS: Linda Wallis/Gill Bryceson Vs. Sue Bird/Julie Lomas-Smith

Rink 4

MEN’S 2 WOOD: Brian Beeston Vs. Tim Luscombe

Rink 2, Marker Clive Bryceson

MEN’S PAIRS: Keith Bird/Dave Hogsflesh Vs. Mike Keats/John Smith

Rink 3


Sunday 11th, 2pm. start

MEN’S SINGLES CHAMP: Roger Senior Vs. Mark Crompton

Rink 4, Marker Terry Buck

LADIES’ SINGLES CHAMP: Jan Cherry Vs. Uta Keats

Rink 3, Marker: Linda Wallis


Saturday 17th (Club comp. reserve day)

LEVI CUP: Neil Towlson Vs. Phil Cockman (this due to a family funeral)

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