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I have updated all the mens selections and we hope to update the ladies soon.

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6th May Boscombe away

                 B & D Section 3
  Boscombe Cliff A      V Swanage
Date Saturday 6th May 2.00pm Away       Whites
  Rink 1   Rink 2
1 Mike Keats 1 Ken Morgan
2 Peter Davies 2 Alan Masters
3 Barrie Tatman 3 David Farley
Skip Gordon Wallis Skip Clive Bryceson
  Rink 3   Rink 4
1 Brian Beeston 1 Owen Norman
2 Roy Scott 2 Tony Wilkinson
3 Peter Packwood 3 Paul Knapman
Skip John Brudenell Skip Graham Smooker
Captain Barry Tatman    
Drivers Gordon takes PD, RS, ON   John takes GS, DF, PP
  Brian takes AM, DH, CB   Barrie takes MK, TW, PK

11th May PB Broadstone away

                Percy Baker League 2      
  Broadstone V Swanage    
Date Thursday 11th May 10.30 am Away      
  Rink 1   Rink 2    
1 Mike Keats 1 Brian Beeston  
2 John Brudenell 2 Barrie Tatman    
Skip Gordon Wallis Skip Graham Smooker    
Captain Barrie Tatman        
Reserves Terry Buck      
  Depending on position required.      
  Brian takes BT & GS        
  John takes MK & GW  
  Please contact your driver for pick up time.    

6th May Triples Ringwood B home

  B & D Mixed Triples (Section 2) Whites    
  Swanage V Ringwood B  
Date 6th May 10:30am home Whites  
  Rink 1   Rink 2  
1 Mary Vye 1 Pat Andrews
2 Tina Wright 2 Maddie Love  
Skip Norman Love Skip Dave Wright  
Captain Norman Love      
Reserves none    

8th May Broadstone Home Selection

                 Bowls Dorset East Division 1
  Swanage      V Broadstone
Date Mon 8th May 6.00pm Home        Greys
  Rink 1   Rink 2
1 Mike Keats 1 Brian Beeston
2 John Brudenell 2 Steve Newland
3 Barrie Tatman 3 Mike Barron
Skip Gordon Wallis Skip Terry Buck
  Rink 3    
1 Dave Wright    
2 Graham Smooker    
3 Clive Bryceson    
Skip David Hogsflesh    
Reserves Peter Davies Derek Hudson Peter Packwood
  Depending on position required    
    Captain Barrie Tatman