21/08/2017 Dorset Men Away Branksome 05:30 Greys

Rink 1 Lost Rink 2 Lost Rink 3 Won
1 Mike Keats 1 Brian Beeston 1 John Brudenell
2 Steve Newland 2 Tony Bell 2 Dave Farley
3 Mike Barron 3 Barrie Tatman 3 Terry Buck
Skip Gordon Wallis Skip Graham Smooker Skip David Hogsflesh
Reserves Derek Hudson Owen Norman Dave Thomas
Drivers TBu takes DH, MB, MK BB takes Tbe, SN, GW JB takes BT, GS, DF

19/08/2017 B&D Men Away Poole Park B 2pm Whites

Rink 1 Lost Rink 2 Lost
1 Brian Beeston 1 Mike Keats
2 Peter Davies 2 Derek Hudson
3 Paul Knapman 3 Barrie Tatman
Skip David Hogsflesh Skip Gordon Wallis
Rink 3 Won Rink 4 Won
1 Owen Norman 1 Ken Morgan
2 Alan Masters 2 Tony Bell
3 John Brudenell 3 Mark Crompton
Skip Terry Buck Skip Graham Smooker
Reserves Roy Scott Dave Thomas
Drivers BB takes Dhu, KM, Tbe JB takes PD, AM, GS
Tbu takes MC, BT, ON Dho takes GW, PK, MK

Carnival & Regatta Drive

The sun came out for this year’s Carnival & Regatta Drive: it was great to welcome holidaymakers to our Club to raise money for good causes and take home some lovely memories.

We congratulate Mr T Hovey and Mrs Patricia Cornelius for winning the respective trophies and would love to thank you all for a wonderful time.

See you next year!

05/08/2017 B&D Men Home Branksome A 2pm Whites

Rink 1 Won Rink 2 Won
1 Mike Keats 1 Tony Bell
2 Mark Crompton 2 John Brown
3 Mike Barron 3 John Brudenell
Skip Gordon Wallis Skip David Hogsflesh
Rink 3 Lost Rink 4 Won
1 Paul Knapman 1 Brian Beeston
2 Owen Norman 2 Derek Hudson
3 Clive Bryceson 3 Barrie Tatman
Skip Terry Buck Skip Graham Smooker
Reserves Dave Thomas Roy Scott