Saturday 15th May

I’m afraid Saturday 15th May was not a ‘good day at the office’ for Swanage Bowling Club, from 3 games we only managed 3 rink wins and one game overall, giving 8 point from 26 total over 3 leagues! Swanage ‘A’ entertained Southborne ‘C’ at home in the Mixed Triples League, a win by Dave Wright, Linda Wallis and Norman Love by 9 shots, gave the team an overall win by 2 shots, thus 4 points. Swanage ‘B’ played away against Southbourne ‘G’ but the win by new skip, Tim Luscombe, was not enough to take the match win points so only 2 here.

Swanage played in the afternoon, hosting Knyverton Gardens ‘A’ in the Premiership game but only managed a win on one rink, skipped by Gordon Wallis, 2 points gained.

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