Saturday’s game on Monday

Due to adverse weather conditions forecast our B&D Mixed Triples games were postponed this Saturday. Section 1 game is in doubt, but the Section 6 game was rearranged for Monday 10th in the afternoon and a fine day was had by Swanage in the bright sunshine as they entertained Fordingbridge ‘D’.

On rink 1 the trio of Lil Bell, Roger Senior and ‘skip’ Nadine Evans went on the rampage. After 6 ends we were 8 shots to 4 up, then the screws were turned as they held the opponents to only 2 shots over the next 7 ends but scored 20 themselves, giving a 28-6 lead. The last 5 ends gave Swanage a further 11 shots but lost the last end by 5. Giving a wonderful win of 39 shots to 11.

The team of Tony Bell, Julie Lomas-Smith and ‘skip’ John French had a ‘ding-dong battle’ after 6 ends they had a 2-9 shot deficit, but doggedly held on and cut this to 10-15 after 12 ends. They rose to the challenge and over the next 4 scored 9 shots, now leading 19-15.

However, Fordingbridge ‘tightened the belt’ and hit Swanage with 5 shots on the last two giving them a 1 shot victory. A fine game with many twists kept everyone engrossed.

The outcome of a win and 4 point to 2, moved Swanage up a place to 4th in the league!

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