First National Competition Win for Swanage

This was a first time WIN for Swanage in the first round of the national men’s ‘TOP CLUB’ competition.

Well done, Clive, 2 wood singles, Brian, 4 wood singles, Terry and Paul pairs.

Clive raced away in his game, after 6 ends he was 8-0 up, in the 7th he gave 1 away but then continued on the rampage to go 14-1 up after 11 ends. The opposition pinched one on the 12 but after 15 ends Clive was unable to be beaten at 16 shots to 3 up so he won with 6 ends not needed to be bowled! (Opponent could only score a maximum of 12 shots)

Brian on the other hand had a ‘nip and tuck’ game. After 4 ends he was 3-5 down but ‘stuck in’ a four to go 7-5 up after 5, his opponent then took charge and went 10-7 up after 8. Brian, being the fighter he is, came back and matched the opposition when he took control after 17 ends was 17-14 up after the next three ends he was at the prescribed 21 shots up!

Terry and Paul, started as they meant to go on and took a 4shot lead on the first end, increasing this to 11-3 after 7 ends. Wimborne came back at them taking 3 shots on both the 11 and 12, cutting the lead down to 14-10, our lads, however, held the next 3 ends, going 20-10 up, coasting the next 3 ends and winning 20-14!

Unfortunately, we lost in the triples and fours, so that is all we will report on those two rinks.

We, therefore, WON the match 3 disciplines to 2.

Our next opponent will be either Blandford or Shaftsbury, yet to play.

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The weather was good to us dry all weekend, Saturday somewhat cloudy and windy but Sunday was ‘wall to wall’ sunshine. The bowling was as good and the green running true.

On Saturday we had Three singles finals go to 20 all, very exciting. The winners and runners-up are listed below:





Three Points Short!

Only Three games this week, the first one being Percy Baker E4 team fixture away to Blandford. This was almost a walk-over for Swanage winning by 51 shots to 25 overall. Barrie Tatman, Clive Bryceson and skip Gordon Wallis were in control of this game from the off and won 21 shots to 15. Tony Bell, John French and skip Jim Kelly, however, were also staying ahead by a couple of shots but scored 5 on end 12 and 6 on end 13, then another 5 on end 16, winning by a substantial margin of 30 shots to 10!

On Thursday the E2 team travelled to Broadstone, where we went down 28 shots to 37, Roger Senior, Tim Luscombe and skip Graham Smooker were in control of this game from the 6th end onwards, withstanding a late surge from their opponents won 20 shots to 16.

Saturday morning saw West Moors BC arrive at Swanage. This was a crunch match, if Swanage play well enough they could win this league! Swanage soaked up the pressure and after 6 ends were down overall 17 shots to 25, then steadily started to overhaul the opposition and after 12 ends it was 44 shots each, then they went into overdrive and by the end came out winners 72 shot to 60 and on Three rinks, 12 points gained. At this point Swanage are first in the league by 10 points awaiting the result of New Milton and Argyll who play in the afternoon! Unfortunately, for Swanage, New Milton won overall and on 3 rinks gaining 12 points as we did, so Swanage finished second 2 points off the leaders!

Well Done ‘The Girls’

On Monday evening we played our Bowls Dorset Men’s league at home to Poole Park ‘A’ and had a good win on 2 rinks and overall 63 shots to 52. Mike Keats, Dave Hogsflesh, Graham Smooker and skip Clive Bryceson pulled away at the start and accelerated on to a 14 shot win 25-11. Roger Senior, Tim Luscombe, John Brudenell and skip Terry Buck had a similar game also winning by 14 shots 27-13. The rink of Tony Bell, John French, Barrie Tatman and Brian Beeston, were last on the green and when the light faded were joined by a 9th player, that of a young fox who, without a care, chased the woods up and down the rink on the last 2 ends.

On Wednesday morning the Ladies played Shaftsbury BC in the Edna Paisley League and pulled off a good win by 1 shot, 36-35. Pam Roddick, Tina Wright and skip Jenny Carter took a good lead of 7 shots after 5 ends, then dropped 1 shot on each of the next 5 ends but finished with a 5 shot win 18-13. Lil Bell, Julie Lomas-Smith and skip Jean Thomas went ahead to start but were reeled in and overtaken then on the last end scored 3 only loosing by 4 shots to ensure a ONE SHOT WIN!

Both the Percy Baker teams were playing on Thursday, E2 at home to Wimborne and E4 away to Broadstone Wessex. E2 won overall 37 shots to 29, winning on one rink and drawing on one, Roger Senior, Tim Luscombe and skip Terry Buck went ahead from the start and held off their opponents winning 16-8. Mike Keats, Dave Hogsflesh and skip Brian Beeston had the shock of their lives, leading 21-8 after 15 ends dropped 13 shots over the last three ends drawing 21 each! E4 lost on both rinks going down 16 shots to 38, nothing else to say.

Saturday morning the B&D Mixed triples team hosted New Milton this was a good game winning on both rinks 39 shots to 25. Lil Bell, Dave Wright and skip Linda Wallis had to chase this game coming good scoring 6 points on two of the latter ends winning 19-17. Paul Knapman, Gill Bryceson and skip Judy Smooker were always in charge of this game, pulling away to win 20-8. Having completed this seasons fixtures, we are top of this league, all other teams have one match left to play, so we await next Saturdays results with bated breath.

Saturday afternoon the Bournemouth & District premiership game was at home against Argyll BC, who are top of the league. We had a grand win 92 shots to 51, winning on three rinks, Mike Keats, Clive Bryceson and skip Jim Kelly pulled away well and kept a strong hold on the game running out winners 30-8. Tony Bell, Barrie Tatman and skip Brian Beeston also set off well but took 18 shots over 6 ends in the middle of the game taking it out of reach winning 30-9. Roger Senior, Graham Smooker and skip Terry Buck had an even game and were attacked over the last third, dropping 5 shots but with normal determination took 7 shots on the last three ends winning 17-15. 12 points gained here, if the last games go the right way and we get a good win, this title could be ours.

Keeping the best till last in the Bournemouth & District Ladies League, on Thursday, our Ladies team had a fine win against Argyll ‘B’, winning on both rinks gaining maximum points and WE WON THE LEAGUE! Congratulations to Linda Wallis and her ‘girls’ , Judy Smooker, Uta Keats, Sue King, Gill Bryceson, Jan Cherry, Connie Palmer, Lil Bell and Julie Lomas-Smith, who played in this league during the season.

A Busy Week

The first game this week was a Bowls Dorset Men’s League against Wimborne ‘A’ at home. This was a ‘full house’ winning on all rinks, with an overall score of 59 shots to 46. Swanage coming back and winning over the last third of the game, after 7 ends 15-18 Wimborne, 14 ends 29-39 Wimborne, over the last 7 ends Swanage scored 30 shots to Wimborne’s 7, giving the final result and a maximum 10 points. Tony Bell, John French, Barrie Tatman and skip Brian Beeston won 21-13, Mike Keats, John Smith, Dave Hogsflesh and skip Gordon Wallis won 22-19 and Roger Senior, Tim Luscombe, Jim Kelly and skip Terry Buck won 16-14. A super game to be involved in!

The two Percy Baker matches were at the other end of the spectrum! On Tuesday the E2 team started early and travelled to Gillingham for a 10-30am start, loosing on both rinks 22 shots to 29 overall, Mike Keats, Tim Luscombe and skip Terry Buck were always ‘chasing the tail’ and went down 10-16, Tony Bell, Dave Hogsflesh and skip Brian Beeston pulled away and had a 6 shot lead after 7 ends but were ‘reeled in’ to finish 12-13 down.

The E4 team did no better, playing host to Wimborne on Thursday morning, again loosing on both rinks 22-36 overall, Tony Bell, Barrie Tatman and skip Jim Kelly scored 7 points after 9 ends and not again till the last end a loss of 9 shots to 17. John French, Clive Bryceson and skip Gordon Wallis held on for the first third of the match, then Wimborne pulled away to a 10 shot lead Swanage came back well but ran out of ends to loose 13-19.

The Ladies travelled to Branksome BC to play their Bournemouth & District Ladies league game, this was a very close thing as Swanage won by ONE SHOT! Lil Bell, Gill Bryceson and skip Linda Wallis went ahead but were pulled back to 14 all after 10 ends then scoring 3 on the last end kept the loss to 1 shot 19-20. Connie Palmer, Jan Cherry and skip Uta Keats went ahead after 8 ends and kept their noses in front to win 18-16, 4 points in the bag!

On Saturday the B&D Mixed Triples went to Milford-on-Sea and gained a solid win 47 shots to 24. Lil Bell, Gill Bryceson and skip Paul Knapman went ahead from the start and kept control of the game winning 17-14. Connie Palmer, Carole Knapman and skip Mark Crompton powered ahead scoring 3, 4’s and 2, 5’s during the game, to give the opposition no hope, coming out winners by a ‘margin’ 30-11, maximum 6 points picked up here.

In the Bournemouth & District Premiership the men travelled to Boscombe Cliff BC, we won this match 70 shots to 63, winning on two rinks, 10 points gained. Mike Keats, Dave Hogsflesh and skip Graham Smooker, roared ahead and were 12 shots up after 5 ends and kept the pressure on to win by 10 shots 21-11. Roger Senior, Barrie Tatman and skip Terry Buck were 12-4 up after 8 ends but stuck on that score for the next 5 ends and were 1 shot down 12-13, this was the trigger and they won the last 5 ends to win 21-13. Both rinks of Tim Luscombe, Clive Bryceson, Jim Kelly and Tony Bell, John French, Brian Beeston went down early in their games but fought back hard to minimise their loss and ensure the overall win.

Some good wins this week

This week started with the men travelling to Verwood BC for the Bowls Dorset Men’s League game, this was hard fought on a very heavy green. Swanage won on two rinks 55 shots to 48. The rink of Tony Bell, Brian Beeston, Clive Bryceson and skip Jim Kelly, took control from the off and maintained their lead to win 21-11. Roger Senior, Dave Hogsflesh, Graham Smooker and skip Terry Buck scored a 6 on the 7 th end to pull the game back to  8 all, then pulled away to win with a fine score 24-14, 8 points taken from this game! On Wednesday they travelled to a re-arranged game at Blandford BC, this was played against an upgraded team and unfortunately Swanage lost 46- 58 to good play on all rinks. Also today the Ladies entertained Blandford Badgers in a re-arranged Edna Paisley League game, they lost on both rinks overall 28 shots to 42 and no points gained. On Thursday morning both the men’s Percy Baker Trophy League teams played Poole Park. The E2 team at home won on 1 rink and lost on 1 and overall, so 2 points gained.

The E4 team travelled away and won on 1 rink and lost on 1 but won overall 33 shots to 32 very close! The rink of John French, Barrie Tatman and skip Gordon Wallis steamed ahead 18-3 after 16 ends but the opposition scored 4 and 5 on the last 2 and we finished winners 18-12, so 4 points gained. In the afternoon the Ladies hosted Pelhams BC in the Bournemouth & District Ladies League and won on 1 rink and lost on 1 winning overall 42-28 shots, the rink of Jan Cherry, Linda Wallis and skip Uta Keats had the game in control from word go and won well with 26 shots to 9, so 4 points gained.

On Saturday morning in the Bournemouth & District Mixed Triples we entertained Ferndown ‘B’ and had a good win 47 shots to 30, Lil Bell, Dave Wright and skip Linda Wallis had a flying start but were pulled back to 13 all after 12 ends then held on to win 20-18. Paul Knapman, Gill Bryceson and skip Judy Smooker had control of their game from the start and finished 27-12 winners. Maximum 6 points in the bag. In the afternoon game, Bournemouth & District Premiership, Swanage men hosted Wimborne ‘A’, this was shared 2 rinks each with Swanage taking an overall win 82 shots to 62, the winning rinks both took early leads and kept the opposition out, Mike Keats, Dave Hogsflesh and skip Jim Kelly won 24-7 whilst Tim Luscombe, Barrie Tatman and skip Gordon Wallis won 26-10. 10 points taken towards this season’s goals.

League positions as follows:

B&D Triples: TOP

B&D Ladies: TOP

Bowls Dorset Men’s League: TOP

B&D Premiership: 2nd, with a game in hand

Percy Baker E4: 2nd 2 points behind E2: 5th

Edna Paisley: 5th

A quiet week in the leagues

The men played two games this week, both in the Bowls Dorset Men’s League and both against Branksome Park. Firstly on Monday at Branksome, as the fixtures and secondly at Swanage on Thursday, a re-arranged game due to a flooded green.

On Monday we lost 52 shots to 55, winning on only one rink, that of Roger Senior, Graham Smooker, John Brudenell and skip Terry Buck 20 shots to 17. Again, on Thursday we lost 47 shots to 58, winning on one rink, that of Tony Bell, John French, Barrie Tatman and skip Brian Beeston 20 shots to 14. Only 2 points per game this week.

On Wednesday the Ladies travelled to Poole Park for their Edna Paisley League game. This is the one we won overall by 36 shots to 32 and on one rink, so 4 points to us. The winning rink was that of Connie Palmer, Ro Bibby and skip Jean Thomas 20 shots to 13 a sound win.

On Saturday we held our internal 2 wood knockout competition. We had 16 entrants for the men’s game and 10 for the ladies, the final games will be played in September during our finals weekend. Those going forward will be Gordon Wallis Vs. Clive Bryceson and Lil Bell Vs. Judy Smooker.

On the Carpet this week

Our first game this week was in the Percy Baker Trophy League E4. On Tuesday we travelled to Branksome Park and, in the on and off rain, had a good overall win of 39 shots to 30, winning on one rink and drawing on the other, so 5 points gained. The rink of Tony Bell, Barrie Tatman and skip Jim Kelly were 5 shots all after 10 ends, only 1 shot scored on each end! On the 11 end Branksome scored 4 shots to take the lead but Swanage fought back on ends 15, 16 and17 scoring 5, 5 and 2 shots respectively to take a 19-11 victory. Tim Luscombe, Clive Bryceson and skip Gordon Wallis were going well until Branksome scored 4 on the 14th end to draw level at 17 shots all, then pulled out a 2 shot lead, however, Swanage took out Branksome’s shot wood on both the last two ends and earned a 20 all draw.

The ladies travelled to Wimborne on Thursday and had a fine win on both rinks, in the Bournemouth & District Ladies League, 35 shots to 24. Sue King, Gill Bryceson and skip Judy Smooker held on to their opponents and at 12 ends were 10 all, then took 4 shots on the  14 th end and kept the lead to win 16-14. Jan Cherry, Linda Wallis and skip Uta Keats went well ahead, by the 8 th end were 12 shots to 3 up and kept the pressure on over the next 10 and won 19-10. Maximum 6 points gained to maintain their position as league leaders.

On Saturday both Bournemouth & District teams travelled to Braeside to play their matches. This being a trial, as the green has an artificial playing surface, not natural to us! However, in the morning the Mixed Triples team won overall 35-25 winning on one of the two rinks. Lil Bell, Paul Knapman and skip Judy Smooker took the game by ‘the scruff of the kneck’ and went ahead by 13 shots to 1 after 6 ends and continued their dominance to win 23-11. Dave Wright, Linda Wallis and skip Gill Bryceson kept their loss to a minimum to ensure the overall win, 4 points taken. Second in this league, 2 points behind the leaders.

In the afternoon the Premiership section 4 team, arrived to play on the carpet, and also won overall. After 6 ends Swanage were 22-28 shots down, then started to ‘learn the green’ and were 43-40 shots up after 12 ends, leading to a 68-63 shot win at the end of 18. Tim Luscombe, Dave Hogsflesh and skip Gordon Wallis fought a hard close game holding their nerve to win 14-13. Tony Bell, John French and skip Brian Beeston also had a close game being 12-13 down after 16 ends but on the last two scored 5 shots to win 17-13. Roger Senior, Graham Smooker and skip Terry Buck were always holding a lead but this was reduced to 2 shots by the 17 th end then they bowled in 5 shots on the last for a fine 24-17 shot win, 12 points to the good, second in this league 12 points behind the leaders, with a game in hand.

ONLY 2 Games!

A quiet week this week, due to the nature of the re-arranged fixtures this season we only had matches in the Saturday Bournemouth & District BA leagues.

The mixed Triples team played host to Hydro Electric in the morning and scored an overall win, 37 shots to 25. The rink of Lil Bell, Paul Knapman and skip Judy Smooker came back well from a deficit to draw 15 all. Dave Wright, Linda Wallis and skip Gill Bryceson had control of their rink from the first end and won handsomely 22 shots to 10, another 5 points in the bag! We now sit second in this league, 2 points behind the leader, Ferndown ‘A’.

The Premiership Team were also hosts to-day to New Milton, the league leaders, in the afternoon and had an overall win of 76 shots to 70, winning 2 rinks and loosing 2, the loosing rinks bowled well to keep their losses to a minimum. Roger Senior, Clive Bryceson and skip Terry Buck were in control of their rink from ‘word go’ scoring 5 on the 3rd end along with a couple of 4’s later on and had a 12 shot win, 23-11. On the other winning rink Mike Keats, Ken Morgan and skip Jim Kelly were 5 shots down but fought back and gained a 5 shot lead after 9 ends, then taking a 4 shot hit on the 10th they scored 6 on the 12th and 7 on the 15th winning by 8 at the end 25-17. We now sit 3rd in section 4 of this league, 7 points behind the leaders, New Milton, with a game in hand.

Our positions in the County leagues are as follows:

Edna Paisley Triples, unfortunately bottom of the league

Bowls Dorset Men’s League, we are TOP, 8 points ahead of second place Poole Park ‘A’ after 3 games, we have 2 re-arranged games Vs. Branksome Park ‘A’ at home on 5th August and Blandford ‘A’ away on 11th August.

Percy Baker E2, 5th with game in hand 12 points behind leaders Wimborne.

Percy Baker E4, 3rd, 3 points behind leaders Wimborne.

There is no information on B&D Women’s BA web site!