President’s 2020 Report

Firstly, thanks to all that helped Gordon to turn our new green into something to be proud of and kept it maintained.

We did manage, under severe restrictions, to play some bowls throughout the shortened season and complete our club knock-out competitions. Unfortunately, the engraver has been closed due to Covid, so we are not sure when the trophies will be available for collection.

The controlled rink diary of three sessions per day on three rinks, (63 rink sessions per week)worked well. Including the Men’s triples League and Ladies practice, we had an average take-up of 80% quite amazing, lets keep that usage going forward to next season.

The committee offered ‘Honorary Life Membership’ to Two members in recognition of long and distinguished support and service to the club. Both Jean Broadbent and Mary Vyeaccepted, certificates will be presented as soon as we can organise a legal ‘gathering’.


In mid December we will be dismantling the ‘green’ equipment shed, to replace it with a larger one. If any one wants it or can put it to good use rather than scrap it, please contact me.


Minutes will be produced, passed and displayed as normal


2020 Competition Winners

Finals Weekend 19th & 20th September

Our finals weekend is upon us. The schedule shows the diversity of finalists across the competitions and we wish everyone a ‘good game’.

Competitors and spectators are reminded of the strict requirements to follow the ‘rule of 6’ and the COVID safe procedures within the Pavilion. Please bring your own food, but the good news is that the bar will be open!


Competitions underway and Pavilion now open

One way system in the Pavilion

All our competitions are now well underway and the reduced bowling time hasn’t affected the quality of bowling!  A risk assessment has been completed for the Pavilion which means Club members may use the lockers to store their bowls. There are clear requirements that no more than 2 people can be in the locker rooms at any time and they must not be used for changing. From 3rd August competition results will be posted on the notice boards in the Pavilion. There is a clearly marked one way system in place and a requirement to sign in when using the Pavilion for track and trace purposes. A copy of the risk assessment can be found on the noticeboard.

If there are any questions about the new systems please contact a member of the Committee. They have put in a huge amount of work to make sure we can play bowls and the Club members pass on their grateful appreciation.


This has been the most ‘interesting ‘ start to any bowling season ever.

We have a brand new green, in perfect playing condition, thanks to our ‘Green Manager’ Gordon Wallis and all his little helpers. But in April we were in lockdown and could not play on it!

However, following stringent Government and Bowls England guidelines on social distancing and good housekeeping, we were able to start bowling on Monday 18th May.

Only using 3 rinks with a rink between each, playing singles, 2 people per rink. With further relaxation of the lockdown, we have increased this to 4 bowlers per rink, playing pairs. Rinks times booked strictly through a central site (Me)

We have now started to instigate our club knockout matches and members are currently filling in their ‘Competition Entry Forms’ to be in on 25th June, latest.

So small progression with competition starting early July, and our finals weekend on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September.

At least we are out in the sun and having fun enjoying our bowling. The only things missing are inter club league competition and the BAR. The league competition will not take place this year BUT THE BAR MAY OPEN!

Remember: Stay Alert-Control The Virus-Save Lives

Keep Safe-Keep Bowling


This is just a quick update from President Barrie



2020 Pre-season Newsletter

Hi bowlers, the season is fast approaching and we have a NEW GREEN TO PLAY ON.

Following Ivan’s generous donation to support this project, it will be named the  ‘NANCY LOCK GREEN’  in memory of his late wife and longstanding club member.

As you are aware the Club set up a limited company to negotiate with the Council and we obtained a lease on the green for 50 years at an affordable rent. We would like to thank Martin Ayres, the Town Clerk, and the Councillors who worked hard with us to achieve this outcome.

A huge amount of work has been carried out since we closed the green last season following our finals weekend.

Ecosolve, the company laying the new green, moved in with tractors, levelling equipment and skilled men on September 16th, by the 18th they were seeding the new level playing surface! And before Christmas they had cut the grass three times!

Gordon Wallis, our Green Manager, along with a volunteer crew of club members, who have worked tirelessly, to tidy all the flower beds, plant hundreds of bulbs for the spring, cut out undergrowth, removed dead trees and build a storage shed for new maintenance equipment. I would like to thank them all for their time and effort, but there is still plenty of work to do, Gordon will require teams to cut the green and do ongoing maintenance work, if you can help, please let him know you are available.

We have also contracted out work to refurbish the green surrounds by replacing the old paving slabs with ‘Tarmac’ and renewing all fencing and gates. These costs will be reimbursed by the Town Council.

We have fixed the following dates, so put them in your diary.

PRESIDENT’S COFFEE MORNING    Saturday 18th April, 10am.

Barrie has requested that members could make donations for the ‘stalls’ of Books, Cakes, Plants & Bring and Buy items (NOT JUMBLE!). These can be brought in on the day or the last Saturday social event, on 14th March.

President Barrie’s charity, throughout next season will be


OPENING DAY  Friday 24th April, 2pm start

There will be a sign up sheet on the board to bowl, followed by tea of Fish, Chicken, Fishcakes or Sausage, all with chips, at £8/head. If you can’t make the social or President’s coffee morning, email Barrie on email hidden; JavaScript is required, to play, order food or both.

FOOD MUST BE PAID FOR BY WEDNESDAY 22nd APRIL, Or it cannot be ordered.

PRACTICE DAYS  Ladies Monday 27th April 2pm.  Men Wednesday 29th April 2pm.

FRIENDLY GAMES  We have 10 friendly games booked for this year at present, the first one being an away game Vs. Pelhams BC, on Saturday 25th April 2pm traditionally our first game. Pelhams hold the trophy; lets get it back! Also another away game in July Vs. Sidmouth BC, a coach will be booked to travel there.

Please put your name down and join in these friendlies, as they are most enjoyable and you meet new bowlers at differing standards.


To protect the newly laid green NO OPEN PLAY WILL BE ALLOWED UNTIL 1st May

This will be the date of the first ‘Eastgate Rollers’ and ‘Friday Club Night’

Friday Club Nights this year will be different, with prizes for the top rink of the night and with a more balanced rink selection taking place! And playing for longer, weather permitting.

‘EASTGATE ROLLERS’ will be co-ordinated by Norman Love and Lew Fletcher on Tuesday and Friday mornings. As we play Percy Baker home games on Tuesday mornings, unfortunately, we will need 4 rinks for these games twice this year. These dates being 12th May and 9th June. So perhaps the rollers will help out and use the other two rinks.

To help with rink use, when knockout matches start, please try to keep Tuesday & Friday mornings as free as possible.

THURSDAY MIXED TRIPLES LEAGUE This year the league will be run by the competitions committee, so if you wish to enter, there will be a sign up sheet on the board by the last social evening (Saturday 14th March) or you can contact Barrie on either 01929 421162 or by email email hidden; JavaScript is required to register

We have entered the following competitive leagues;

LADIES: Dorset Women’s Bowling league (Div. 2) 3 full rink matches, played on Tuesday afternoon 2pm start.

 Edna Paisley League (Section 2) 2 rink triples, played on Wednesday morning 10-30am

MIXED: Bournemouth & District Saturday Mixed Triples League (Section 1) & (Section 5)

2 rink triples, played on Saturday afternoon at 2pm, unless rearranged at a mutually agreed time.

MENS:  Bowls Dorset Men’s League (East Div. 1) 3 full rink matches, played on Monday evening at 6pm start.

Bournemouth & District Bowling Association (Section 4) 4 full rink matches, played on Saturday afternoon 2pm start, unless rearranged at a mutually agreed time.

Percy Baker Trophy League (E2) & (E4), 2 rink triples, played on Tuesday morning at home 10am start. Away games played on day designated by that club.

‘TOP CLUB’ National knockout competition. We have entered a Ladies (4 rinks varying formats) and a Men’s (5 rinks varying formats) teams.

We want to be as competitive as possible in these fixtures this coming season, so please look out for and sign-up on the availability sheet to put yourself forward for selection.

SUBSCRIPTIONS  It was agreed at the last AGM that the fees would remain unaltered at:

Full membership: £105 plus Bowls Dorset/Bowls England registration fees of £15 = £120

+(optional locker fee of £3)

New members first year, half subs. £52-50 plus reg. fees £15 = £67-50.

Junior Member playing and registration fees £40

Associate member £13 (playing  only on Friday Club Night at a cost of £4 per session)

These subscriptions can be paid to Treasurer, Judy, at President’s coffee morning, Opening Day or by post to: Mrs. J.A.Smooker, 21, Northmoor Way, Wareham BH20 4EE.

All cheques to be made payable to ‘Swanage Bowling Club’ 


The bar will be fully stocked with the finest ales, spirits and wines all at competitive prices (if the ‘DOOM BAR’ was reduced!) so polish up your woods and come on down to ‘THE CLUB’ for a successful season of fun, bowling and boozing!


YOUR MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE:                           SBC Ltd. BOARD:

President/Secretary: Barrie Tatman                           Chair/Finance: Terry Buck

Vice President: Mike Keats                                           Secretary: Barrie Tatman

Men’s Captain: Brian Beeston                                      Clive Bryceson

Ladies Captain: Linda Wallis                                         Linda Wallis

Ladies Secretary: Val Northam

Treasurer: Judy Smooker

Match Secretary: Terry Buck

Green Manager: Gordon Wallis

Bar Manager: Graham Smooker

General Member: Clive Bryceson




Dates For Your Diary

PRESIDENT’S COFFEE MORNING:    Saturday 18th April @ 10am

Donations for the ‘stalls’ of Books, Cakes, Plants & Bring and Buy items (NOT JUMBLE!)  can be brought in on the day, or to our Saturday social event on 14th March. All donations welcome!

OPENING DAY:    Friday 24th April, 2pm start

There is a sign up sheet on the board to bowl, followed by tea of Fish, Chicken, Fishcakes or Sausage, all with chips, at £8/head. If you can’t make the 14 March social or President’s coffee morning, email Barrie on email hidden; JavaScript is required, to play, order food or both.

FOOD MUST BE PAID FOR BY WEDNESDAY 22nd APRIL, or it cannot be ordered.


  • Ladies Monday 27th April 2pm                                   
  • Men Wednesday 29th April 2pm


We have 10 friendly games booked for this year at present.

  • Saturday 25 April @ 2pm:  An away game Vs. Pelhams BC, traditionally our first game of the season. Pelhams hold the trophy; lets get it back!
  • July:  Another away game Vs. Sidmouth BC  A coach will be booked to travel there.

Please put your name down and join in these friendlies, as they are most enjoyable and you meet new bowlers at differing standards

To protect the newly laid green NO OPEN PLAY WILL BE ALLOWED UNTIL Friday, 1st May

This will be the date of the first ‘Eastgate Rollers’ and ‘Friday Club Night’

Our Trip To Algarve by Barrie


On Thursday 3rd October we started our bowling tour to the Algarve at 4-30am (middle of the night) outside the club. We arrived at the hotel ‘Holiday Inn Algarve’, in Armacao de Pera at around 12 noon. Our first task to understand the ‘resort manager’ Sue, from Blackpool, not a ‘shrinking violet’!
The hotel was great standing on the beach edge facing the Atlantic, what views and not a cloud in the sky! Good food and the bar had a happy hour 25% off between 6 and 8 pm!!!!!!!!!

We had 4 games to play during the week, the rinks were selected by different Captains of the day for each game.
The first game on Friday 4th was Vs. Floresta BC, rinks selected by Clive & Gill. This was played on carpet, 7 rinks 2 wood triples, we won on 3 rinks but lost overall by 10 shots, not bad in 26 degrees with no shade! The top rink was Jean T/Pat A (shared lead), Clive B & Barrie T.

Our next game was on Saturday 15th Vs. Valverde BC, this club was up in the hills, with a breeze, a good job as the temperature was heading towards 30 degrees, again with little shade! The rinks were selected by Gordon & Linda. This was played on grass, 7 rinks 2 wood triples, we only, however, won on one rink loosing overall by 49 shots, we thought the green to be heavy and couldn’t find the lines! The top rink was Kath S/Mary V (shared lead), Lesley F & Uta K, an all ladies victory!

The next two days we had ‘rest & recuperation’, although some of us, on Monday, went on a Land Rover Safari in the mountains. Driving ‘off road’ through the orange and lemon groves, seeing how to harvest cork, then stopping off for a 2 hour 5 course Algarvian lunch, with wine flowing like water. Then followed by a visit, and a tasting session, of fiery ‘Medronho’ a local drink made of berries, at the distillery. A nice day out ‘HIC’.

Tuesday we had our next bowling adventure but this was played in the afternoon, (V. HOT!) at the Pedras da Rainha BC, against another English touring team, Horsell BC, Surrey. This green was in the middle of a holiday complex, where our opposition stayed. The rinks were selected by Terry & Ken, this was 7 full rinks, played on ‘GRASS’ reputedly, a very funny surface almost like an Axminster carpet, when you walked on it you left footprints! To make up our numbers we ‘borrowed’ some Pedras da Rainha bowlers. We won on four rinks but lost overall by 4 shots (getting better) the top rink was Mick W, Lesley F, Barrie T & guest Lorna.

Our last game of the tour was at Alvor BC, again in the middle of a holiday complex and an afternoon game!
The green was grass as we know it and played like home. The rinks were selected by Jean & Julie, 7, 2 wood triples. Our opposition was a little different this time as we had four Portuguese Nationals playing against us, the bowls club owner amongst them.
We did, however, win on 5 rinks and WON overall by 27 shots. During the game two maximums of 6 points were scored, Gordon’s rink on the 12th end and on their last end giving them top rink was Kath S/Mary V (shared lead), Roger S & Clive B.
After dinner on this last bowling day we had farewell drinks with the resort manager. Both she and Gill gave out prizes for many weird and wonderful reasons, I think everyone won something.
Well organised Gill and Clive.

During the trip Gill handed out many fines for varying misdemeanours, like, not listening to ‘how to turn your lights on’, not knowing where your room was and the normal wrong bias etc. From this Ken’s charity pot gained quite a few Euros!
On each game day Gill also ran a coach fiddle, guessing the overall scores or differences etc. these were mainly won by Linda W!

On Thursday 12 of us left for home, the remainder of our group staying on for an extra week to enjoy the sun, at 8-30am, heading for Faro Airport then via Gatwick and coach to Swanage, arriving at 7pm nearly 11 hours traveling, we estimated this as an average speed of just over 120 mph.
Good week had by all !!!!!!!!

RIP Beach Gardens Tired Old Green

This week work got underway on Beach Gardens to tear up, level and replace the green.

Pictures supplied by Gordon who has been overseeing the project.